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English for University Students

English for University Students

Online with AttendanceEnglish for University Students
One package: 32 hours lesson
Course Fee: one package is £130


This course is designed for non- English speaking students who want to follow our diploma courses. You can take a course;

  • before you have enrolled on any of our courses
  • during you are following any of our courses

Essentially the course provides:

    • Structured learning without difficulties following lectures and lecture notes;
    • Improvement of your listening, reading and speaking skills;
    • Improvement of your report writing skills;
    • Improvement of your vocabulary skills

If you think that your English Language skills are not sufficient to follow a course form a College which based in the UK. This course will provide you with the knowledge and materials ensuring you will improve the essential skills through the online Intensive English course. The course is cost effective and value added programme which is fully conducted by native English teachers from UK.

In the courses you will gain vital knowledge for effective communication skills. You will be able to understand the lectures and improve your presenting skills such as highly status report writing skills, monologue and dialogue skills. This course is designed to not only achieve the diploma courses but will also helps you to perform well in your profession.

We assure you that you will feel of your language capability after you followed our course.

Key Benefits

  • You can achieve the best performance in the diploma course;
  • It is designed to assess English language skills in your professional life;
  • It makes you improve communication and presenting way;
  • It is a standard approach to the sit any standard exam for your further higher studies;
  • It helps you to develop skills to cope with the amount of reading, writing, speaking, and vocabulary exercise;
  • It helps to improve your listening and speaking skills;

Course Structures

  • Listening
  • Reading
  • Report Writing
  • Dialogues and Monologues
  • Grammar and Vocabulary

You will be required to sit a four hours standard exam at the end of your programme. You will receive a certificate with your score once you pass the exam. Its scoring system is called ‘Level’. The rages of level are:

“Advanced Level”, “Upper-Intermediate Level”, “Lower Intermediate level” and “Basic Level”.

The course is designed to provide online lectures, online practical lessons, homework exercises, discussion on feedback, correction and advice that how you can improve.

Model exams are included in the course.

Period of Study and Lectures

Our all lecturers are well experienced native English lecturers from United Kingdom who achieved years of teaching experience for International students.

The course is designed two different types of programs according to your needs on the exam. The college will decide your level from a pre-test.

  • Basic Level

It is for 3 months program. You can follow as parallel to your diploma courses.

  • Intermediate Level

It is for 3 months program. You can follow as parallel to your diploma courses.

Total course fee is £ 120