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English for Junior 15+

English for Junior 15+

Online with AttendanceEnglish for Junior 15+
3 months course duration-continuing,
Course Fee is £220


To become a fluent English speaker please enrol our course. Our lessons are structured to give you practice in all areas and these are conducted by native English lecturers.
We can assure you that you will improve your Spoken English using this course. English is more than just the language we speak. The study of English is a rewarding subject which can boost career prospects and enrich your life, with a deeper understanding of the marvels of English literature and the ability to express yourself both verbally and in writing.


Why you should study with us?

  • Experienced native English lecturers
  • Flexibility of scheduling classes
  • Standard course materials
  • Guidance and correction of your errors in speaking
  • You can practise from your home
  • You can enrol the course whilst you are in education or working

We can help you develop a broader English Speaking skill in your career and life. We are accredited English course leaders’ in developing innovative, top quality teaching methods and learning materials.

Course Structures

  • Speaking – General
  • Spaking – Academic
  • Avoiding errors
  • Listening

The course is designed to provide online speaking revision and training, methods for avoiding error, homework exercises, discussion on feedback, correction and advice on how you can improve.

Private one to one assessment lessons are included in this course.

Period of Study and Lectures

All our lecturers are well experienced native English lecturers from United Kingdom who have experience of teaching International students for multiple years

One Package:
One package provides 36 hours of lessons in three months period and 40 hours of homework.
You can choose continuous packages up to 6 standards from your level. The college lecturer will assess your level of learning at the beginning class.

Fee for one package (3 months duration) is £ 220