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Project Audit and Evaluation CPD Online Programme

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Project Audit and Evaluation

Project Audit and Evaluation

Project Audit and Evaluation

Project Audit and Evaluation Online CPD ProgrammeProject Audit and Evaluation
10 formal CPD hours, Course Fee £ 89
You can learn whilst you are working


This short course will give you understanding of the reasons for any changes to the client’s requirements and the development the chosen procurement route and the actual and planned performance of the project team.

In addition the course deals with the techniques used in value management/value engineering, life cycle/whole life costing and risk assessment, together with a balance sheet analysis. Through a combination of online lectures, lecture materials and supplementary reading materials, course participants will be able to advice on the economics of design, on the use of value management and value engineering techniques, and undertake and report on a project audit/close-out report.

The course lectures will be conducted by Senior Consultants who have expertise in the field of construction cost management and extensive experience as general contractors.

CPD Hours

This course will assist you with gaining your formal CPD hours. If you are hoping to become a chartered member of any professional institutions, you will be required to maintain a record of your Continuing Professional Development (CPD) which will show how you have accumulated your CPD hours. This course will provide 10 CPD hours in total, 4 hours will be from lectures provided by the College and the remaining 6 hours from your own self study through the supplementary reading materials which are available in Moodle. You will receive an electronic version of a signed Certificate on completion of the course which will confirm the CPD hours obtained. There is no assessment required to gain the formal CPD hours.

Successful Outcomes

This course will provide successful following outcomes:

  • Increase awareness level of construction claims,
  • Able to recognize claimable situations and maximise income to projects,
  • Recognise contractual entitlements and obligations
  • Identify and document delays or issues as they relate to project schedules
  • Organize file setup and documentation
  • Understand the notification of necessary events in the projects which to support claims
  • Develop the ability to properly use analytical methods and evaluation techniques in projects and problems, research, quantify and present a claim


Course Administrator

Kirsten Weissenberg
Tel: +44 (0) 1420 481681