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live online study at College of Contract Management 

The Director of live online study development has announced that business and marketing online courses will be opened for enrolment in 2018. We persuade students to follow live online courses which are economically favourable. The College brings an opportunity to top up BSc degree in the leading universities.

Over million students gained a UK qualification outside the UK in 2014. The College of Contract Management brings now fantastic opportunities for overseas students to gain a world-class British qualification, wherever they are in the world through live online study. The students studying outside of these countries are very rare due to the struggling economy, which has affected all families and increased their already difficult financial burdens. Instead of pursuing further education abroad, the students have concentrated on finding jobs in their home country in order to continue their further studies. Therefore, economically favourable course fees and the appointments of hundreds of Career Advisers from all over the world will inspire the students to apply for our diploma online study programmes.

The College currently supports for students, who are pursuing construction studies to easily get employment through studying a standard education from the UK through a live online programme.

You can take the live online programmes from wherever you are in the world. You can ask questions to the lecturer during the session like classroom session via voice or chat. You will definitely feel as a classroom environment with our live online lectures. We will schedule all live online lectures at your non-working hours so you can follow the course while continuing to work. If you have missed any lectures, you can refer them from the recordings which will be available in the Moodle (Virtual Study Platform).

Certificate can be achieved at first-year completion and advanced Diploma can be achieved at two years completion. This course is the right choice if you wish to work as a Structural Engineer or if you want to go to university to follow a BSc course.